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About Amzor Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

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About Amzor HealthCare Pvt. Ltd.

We’re one of the leading names in the pharmaceutical industry for offering the best excipient solutions to our customers and have also added value to our esteemed stakeholders. We combine our expertise with the needs of the customers and offer them the best products.

We can also adjust our services to meet the customized local requirements and challenges to ensure that our products make the right impact at the right time. Simultaneously, we never compromise with our quality, transparency, and affordability. This is exactly why we are known as the best PCD Pharma Company in the market.

Our Mission

Find, create and promote the best pharmaceutical products to prevent, identify, improve, and cure different diseases.

• We focus on 100% customer satisfaction and so leading the market in different products and services in all around the world, with the help of the best technology, based on top-class research and development.

• We promise to take care of the society in the best way. We do understand our responsibility and always maintain high ethical standards in all our practices.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the top PCD Company in India and offer the top quality, innovative and affordable medicine in all around the world.

Business Beliefs:

At AMZOR HEALTHCARE, we have built around a certain set of beliefs and ethics that have helped us become what we are today- a reputed and established name in the pharmaceutical industry.

Have a look at the top pillars of our business beliefs and ethics:-

Finest Quality: A major driving force for the brand
Morals: Implement the best practices
Customer Satisfaction: Take time to understand customer needs and work hard to make them happy.
Respect Everyone: We value the contribution of people who have helped us reach new heights in the pharmaceutical industry.


Mr. Garg is the man with innovative ideas and effective decisions that have helped the organization reach new heights. He is the overseas founder based in London, UK. He owns a consulting firm that helps banks, financial institutions and other corporates improve their capabilities in line with the regulatory requirements. He has been guiding the company in various aspects of Accounting and Finance. Mr. Garg is also helping the company expand in the international markets. He focuses on achieving the best products for the global market and also helps his team reach the goals.

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