How to Calculate Profit Margin in PCD Pharma Franchise Business?

How to Calculate Profit Margin in PCD Pharma Franchise Business? – Profit is the foundation of any business. Without profit, no newcomer in wants to start its own business. Profit attracts investors to invest in the business. If you are looking forward to starting a business which gives you a good profit margin then PCD Pharma Franchise is the best option to choose. Before getting into the business you must know about How to Calculate Profit Margin in PCD Pharma Franchise Business?

Amzor Healthcare is known for its kind services and quality products. It is a well-reputed company and has goodwill in the market. The company gives genuine deals to its associates. PCD Pharma Franchise Business gives the best opportunity to professionals who are looking to have business in this sector. In this article by Amzor Healthcare, We give you a broad knowledge about profit margin and calculation to obtain profit margin or net rates.

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How to Calculate Profit Margin in PCD Pharma Franchise Business?

Factors Influencing the Profitability of Pharma Franchise Business

Multiple factors affect the business environment at a time in different periods. This factors can increase the business or can slow down it. The persons who are well aware of the factors will make the most of the time. It is advised to do research and be aware of the market conditions. If you are thinking to start your business in PCD Pharma Franchise then you should consider a lot of factors which will help you in calculating profit margin accurately. The following factors are listed below:

The franchise provides a monopoly based right which makes it a good deal. In the case of a well-reputed company, you will get branded medicines and drugs. Thus, join hands with the company who has existing market presence and goodwill.

GST (Goods and Service Tax) is the most important factor that you must consider. It will affect the pharma industry of the whole country. Know about it more, in order to know the profit margin.

You should be aware of the administration cost which decreases your profit. Before getting into business you must do check demographics and accessible resources like rent, labour, electricity etc.

Demand and supply is another important factor as business runs on the demand. Higher the demand higher will be the profit.

The Pharma Industry has various segments and all has its own demand in various states. Thus do a research on all the segments and choose the sections that have more demand.

Price Discrimination is the factor that is a cruel thing for franchise owners but can be profitable for you. You should know about the best alternatives substitutes for different medicines and drugs.

Steps to Calculate Profit Margin for Pharma Franchise

Many people don’t know about how to calculate profit margin. Well, it is easy! You should have a clear idea about the profit margin. Before collaborating with any company, you need to have broad knowledge about marketing conditions. Following steps are listed below for the calculation of profit margin in Pharma Franchise Business:

Calculate Total Cost

Firstly you have to calculate the total cost or TC. The direct and indirect expenses are considered while calculating the profit margin. It includes manufacturing cost, sales cost, material cost and many more. The formula for calculating Total cost:

TC = Manufacturing expenses + Administration Cost + Selling Expenses + Taxes + Total Fixed Cost + Total Variable Cost.

Calculate Margin Cost

After calculating the total cost you need to find out the new rate. The formula of calculating Net rate:

Net Rate = Total cost * percentage of Margin Cost ( percentage of margin cost differs from company to company)

Calculate Profit Margin

Once you know the net price, you need to calculate profit margin. Profit margin is also named as Net profit, Net Margin, Net profit ratio. The formula of calculating profit margin:

Profit Margin = Net profit / Revenue or selling price ( where net profit = revenue – cost)

Find Out the Realization Cost

Now you can calculate final out once you take out the profit margin. To calculate the final amount you need to subtract or add some items. following items to be deducted and added:

(-) Profit Margin
(-) Doctors share under PTR ( price to retailer)
(-) Stockiest share
(+) 10+1 or 10+2 as a company offer
(+) Shipping expenses or transportation expenses
(+) Commission


We hope that this article gives you a broad knowledge about the calculation of profit margin. To start a business in PCD Pharma Franchise having the knowledge of profit margin is very important. Amzor Healthcare is a Chandigarh based pharma franchise company that gives profitable business to its associates.