Pediatric Products Franchise in Ghaziabad

According to the research, the Demand for Pediatric Products and medicines has grown recently in Ghaziabad. Customers are now investing a lot in quality pediatric medicines. Thus, it will be a great decision to start your Pediatric Products Franchise in Ghaziabad. Therefore, start your business with Amzor Healthcare. We are an ISO-certified pharma company that is working in this industry for a long time.

Amzor Healthcare is the leading Pediatric Products Franchise in Ghaziabad that is engaged in the business of providing DCGI certified pediatric drugs and medicines. The pediatric drug range offered by our firm covers the segment like capsules, liquids, sachets, syrups, drops, ointments, dry syrups, liquids, etc. The range delivered by us adheres to all the industrial quality guidelines and is trusted by numerous best pharmacists and doctors.

Pediatric Products Franchise in GhaziabadDue to the rising issues, people are ready to invest more in high-quality pediatric drugs to keep their children healthy. Thus, the demand is high for these medicines. To fulfill these requirements, Amzor Healthcare started delivering DCGI approved certified pediatric drug range that is manufactured on GMP-WHO certified units. Hence, start your business with a renowned Pediatric Product franchise in Ghaziabad.

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Pediatric Medicine Market in Ghaziabad

Pediatric is that branch of medical science that cures issues related to children, infants. The Pediatric Medicine Market in Ghaziabad is growing and spreading its roots across the city. The rising issues among children, awareness of people, lack of supply, all have led to the growth of pediatric medicines and drugs in the city.

The population of Ghaziabad is around 46.8 lakhs and the majority of them are children aged between 0-4 years. Every year, this number is rising, and simultaneously the demand for pediatric medicines and drugs is also growing. Thus, this is the right time to enter this business industry and exploit the market conditions.

Many big players like Johnson & Johnson, Himalaya, and many more have entered this medicine segment and earned handsome rewards. The never-ending demand and consistent positive growth give a clear sign that anyone who will deliver quality Pediatric range in Ghaziabad will get success.

Exceptional Quality Range for Pediatric Franchise in Ghaziabad

Since the very first day, Amzor Healthcare has given the focus on product quality and try to offer a range that fulfills the requirement of our customers. We have always complied with the industrial quality guidelines and manufactured our products as per the set standards.

The main objective of our company is to deliver the best to everyone and to meet this objective, we have created a team of professionals that works to deliver the best quality Pediatric medicine range. The range delivered by us includes the following:

  • Cefixime 50mg /5ml + Lactic acid dry syrup
  • Vitamin D3 Oral Solution 60000IU/5ml
  • Cefixime 25mg drops
  • Amoxycilliun 60mg+clav 28.50
  • Cefixime 50mg /5 ml dry syrup
  • Fexofenadine 60ml
  • Levofloxacin 125mg + Ornidazole 125 mg
  • Paracetamol 125mg
  • Azithromycin 100 mg suspension
  • Domperidone 5mg drop

Quality Facilities at Amzor Healthcare

We have a very sophisticated quality monitoring division at our premises that is loaded with modern equipment to monitor the quality of every product delivered by us. Our firm uses modern methods and fully utilizes our resources to check the quality of the end product. We did this to ensure that the drugs delivered by us are safe, pure, and side-effect-free. Our quality experts thoroughly inspect the drugs in several quality parameters such as quality, purity, reliability, effectiveness, shelf-life. By doing this, we strive to deliver a quality drug range at affordable prices. Below are few key highlights of our quality division:

  1. Division equipped with the latest equipment.
  2. Optimum utilization of resources.
  3. A team of skilled and trained quality experts
  4. Quality checking at all levels

Key Things That Separate Amzor Healthcare from Others

Amzor Healthcare is an ISO-certified pharma company that is serving this industry and its customers with the best quality pharma drugs and products for a long time. Over the years, with the help of our hard work, consistency, and ethical working, we have gained the trust of everyone and emerged as a leading Pediatric Product Franchise in Ghaziabad. Below is the key thing that separates us from other companies:

  • Quality Packaging: Packaging has always been our USP. Our firm always delivers its drugs and products in safe, air-tight, leakage-proof packaging. We do this to make sure that our products remain safe and look more appealing.
  • High-quality Products: Our firm had always focused on quality and strives to deliver only the best to our customers. We know the value of high-quality medicines. Thus, we deliver the same to our customers.
  • Promotional Support: Our firm provides complete promotional support to its associates and clients free of cost. We give promotional support in the form of tools like bags, pens, diaries, pamphlets, chemist order books, etc.
  • Monopoly Rights: Amzor Healthcare offers franchise services on a monopoly rights basis to everyone.  By having monopoly rights for business, you can shorten the competition and enjoy a stress-free business.
  • Distribution: We have one of the widest delivery networks in this industry that allow us to deliver our consignments on time across all locations in India. Hence, you will never face any delay in the delivery of the medicine.

Therefore, if you are planning to start your business in this industry and searching for the top Pediatric Product Franchise in Ghaziabad, then associate with Amzor Healthcare. We are a firm that is consistently delivering the best quality Pharma drugs and monopoly-based franchise services in Ghaziabad. Thus, to avail best franchise services, contact us immediately.

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