Pediatric Products Franchise in Vijayawada

Amzor Healthcare is a top-notch Pediatric Products Franchise in Vijayawada that is engaged in the business of delivering high-quality Pediatric Products and medicines. We are an ISO certified firm that is serving in this industry fine quality medicines that cover segments such as sachets, tablets, capsules, liquids, ointments, syrups, drops, dry syrups, etc.

Being a leading Pediatric Products Franchise in Vijayawada, we have always look forward to delivering what is required by the customers and what is best for them. To manufacture our quality range, we have set up GMP-WHO approved state of the art manufacturing units which is equipped with the latest machines that allow us to manufacture medicines in bulk.

Because of the growing issues among children, people are investing heavily in Pediatric products. Thus, starting your own business with this product range will be rewarding and beneficial as well. Thus, if you are looking to enter this business industry, then start your business with Amzor Healthcare. We are a very renowned Pediatric Products Franchise in Vijayawada that delivers premium quality pediatric product range and monopoly based franchise in Vijayawada.

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Pediatric Product Market in Vijayawada

The pediatric product segment is that segment of the medical industry that deals with children’s issues. Pediatric medicines or products are used in the treatment of children or infants. Thus, these products never go out of the trend and their demand is always constant in the market especially in a place like Vijayawada where several diseases are spreading rapidly.

The business of Pediatric Medicine is flourishing in Vijayawada and this medicine segment is spreading its roots like fire across the city. The growing problems and issues among infants, adults, and children, raising awareness of customers, shortage in the supply of quality pediatric medicines or products, etc have resulted in the flourishment of pediatric products and drugs in this city.

The population of Vijayawada is about 10.5 lakhs and a major part of this population is children aged between 0-5 years. This number is growing every year and the demand for quality pediatric products and drugs is also increasing. Hence, now is the accurate time to invest in these medicines and take benefits out of them.

Quality Pediatric Product Range Delivered by Amzor Healthcare

Right from the start, we have focused to deliver quality products to our customers. The motto of our company has always been to offer a quality and safe product range that meets the requirement of every patient. Thus, we deliver a product range that is DCGI approved and comply with all the quality standards of the industry.

These medicines and products are designed by the best pharma professionals and manufactured under GMP-WHO-approved manufacturing units. The pediatric product range delivered by us includes:

  • Cefixime 50mg /5ml + Lactic acid dry syrup
  • Levofloxacin 125mg + Ornidazole 125 mg
  • Azithromycin 100 mg suspension
  • Vitamin D3 Oral Solution 60000IU/5ml
  • Fexofenadine 60ml
  • Amoxycilliun 60mg+clav 28.50
  • Domperidone 5mg drop
  • Cefixime 50mg /5 ml dry syrup
  • Cefixime 25mg drops
  • Paracetamol 125mg

Quality – A Prime Objective of Amzor Healthcare

Our company deals with high-quality pharma products and medicines. We assure our customers and clients that they will always get good quality and safe products from our side. Thus, the quality of each and every medicine manufactured by us meet the industrial standards and fulfills the wishes of every customer.

Our company never makes any sort of compromise with the product quality. Our company adheres to all the protocols and guidelines given by the IMA (Indian Medical Association). We have a superset team of quality auditors that examines the quality of our products to make sure that they are safe, pure, and without any side effects.

Below are few guidelines that our company follows:

  • Attractive packaging that helps to avoid spoilage or any hazard.
  • Spacious and hygienic warehouses that allow us to store medicines in bulk and in a safe manner.
  • All the equipment and machines are regularly updated and serviced.
  • We fully utilize our resources and choose cost-effective methods to reduce the costs.

What Do Amzor Healthcare Offer in Pediatric Products Franchise in Vijayawada

To supply quality pediatric medicine or products and to widen our reach, we are offering marvelous franchise business opportunity in Vijayawada. Apart from delivering quality products, Amzor Healthcare offers many other benefits to all its franchise associates and partners. Such as:

Monopoly Rights: We offer franchise services on a monopoly rights basis. It is a win-win situation for both parties. By having monopoly rights, you can shorten your competition and work peacefully.

Attractive Packaging: We deliver our medicines in safe and secured packaging that safeguards our medicines from all types of hazards and makes them look even more attractive.

Free Promotional Support: Our company provides complete support to its associates and when it comes to promotional help, we provide them exclusive promotional tools free of cost that will help them to carry of marketing activities and promote the products.

Therefore, if you are willing to start your business in the pharma industry and wanted to invest in high-quality pediatric products in Vijayawada then immediately connect with us. We are the top and renowned Pediatric Products Franchise in Vijayawada the delivers premium quality medicines and monopoly-based franchise services.

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