Top Pharma Companies in Chennai

Top Pharma Companies in Chennai– India is the world’s third-largest producer of pharmaceuticals, both in terms of volume and quality. There is no doubt that the pharmaceutical business has attracted many multinational and foreign companies. The Indian pharmaceutical business, as we all know, Quality plays a critical role in the global healthcare sector. As a result, producing high-quality pharma drugs is the primary goal of pharma businesses, as this is what sets them apart from the competition.

Some major Indian cities, such as Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Kerala, and Chennai, are attractive areas to invest in the pharmaceutical sector. And since you are the authorized distributor or seller of that particular brand in that area, Top Pharma Companies in Chennai lets you make more. The investment conditions are excellent, and they are well-known for providing improved chances for all parties involved. The most frequently requested question by pharma experts is, “What are the Top Pharma Companies in Chennai?”

Top Pharma Companies in Chennai

Here is the list of Top Pharma Companies in Chennai

Amzor Healthcare

Amzor healthcare

Amzor Healthcare is committed to helping the sick and caring for the elderly, and as a result, the company adheres to all international ISO certification criteria. For the PCD Franchise or third-party manufacturing services, the company has over 300 pharmaceutical items. This company demonstrates its devotion to its stakeholders, business partners, customers, patients, employees, investors, and everyone else involved with the company by providing the following benefits:

  • Franchise company operations have exclusive monopoly rights.
  • Rates that are both competitive and affordable.
  • In comparison to other companies, the company has higher profit margins and returns on investment.
  • GMP and WHO certified Production facilities.

stensa lifesciences

Stensa Lifesciences

Stensa Lifescience was founded in 2017 and is known throughout the country for its world-class production and trading processes. Tablets, pills, injections, and other pharmaceutical goods are among the company’s offerings. Along with this, the corporation places a premium on quality and other factors such as proper composition, ph balanced, and longer drug shelf life. The company has its own manufacturing facilities in excise duty-free zones, which helps to keep these medications more affordable than others. Aside from that, the corporation pledged to deliver things on schedule to their intended locations.

Sanify Healthcare

sanify healthcare

Sanify Healthcare is to be the premier pharmaceutical firm in the world by providing affordable, accessible, and high-quality medicines. The company attributes its growth and success to its high-quality management system and innovation, both of which are obviously aimed at improving society’s health. The company establishes a strong presence in the Indian market by offering more than 300 medicinal formulations, as well as ancillary services such as:

  • PCD Franchise business with a monopoly privilege
  • High-quality Assurance with third-party manufacturing services.
  • Promotional and on-time delivery to its associates. 

Abiba Pharmacia

Abiba    Abiba Pharmacia is an ISO 9001:2008b certified pharmaceutical company with a diverse product line that includes tablets, softgel capsules, dry syrups, and more. And all of these pharmaceuticals are manufactured in accordance with WHO norms and GMP certification. Many dedicated pharma specialists wish to join hands with the company through the PCD Franchise business or Third-party manufacturing services, making it the fastest-growing pharma company. The company was founded in 2014 and is dedicated to providing world-class manufacturing, exporting, and marketing of the best pharmacological solutions to treat a variety of health problems at extremely low prices.

Apikos Pharma

Apikos Pharma is a pharmaceutical company situated in Chandigarh that operates across the country. Theapikos company’s primary goal is to provide drugs that will help individuals improve their health. Apikos Pharma is the best pharma company in India that has all the legal certifications and allows talented pharma professionals to start their monopoly-based PCD Franchise Business in their desired locations. It also offers third-party manufacturing services to pharma companies so that they can expand their product list at the most affordable rates. In addition, the firm provides:

  • Excise tax-free pharma products
  • Cost-free promotional backup
  • Complete transparent in the business process

Pax Healthcare

Pax Healthcare is India’s leading pharmaceutical company, with a vast variety of pharma goods that have received comprehensive legal approval from the DCGI. In addition, the company is particularly concerned about quality, which is why it adheres to the international ISO 9001-2008 certification criteria. The company is backed by a team of talented R&D specialists that are working hard to develop the best medicine formulations that effectively treat key ailments. Pax Healthcare is a prominent pharmaceutical firm based in Chandigarh that offers lucrative PCD Franchise Business opportunities around the country with a low investment plan.

Alpha Drugs

‘Alpha Drugs’ was founded in 2003 and has been manufacturing, exporting, and supplying pharmaceuticalAlpha products such as syrups, medicines, and injections since then. The company thrives to satisfy our consumers; it is the company’s principal goal. All of the medicines are developed under the supervision of highly qualified pharma professionals who work tirelessly to ensure that the pharma goods meet the highest possible standards. Here are some other aspects of the company to consider:

  • The company offers the PCD Franchise business opportunity in India
  • For extending the product list company invites the pharma companies to take advantage of its third-party manufacturing services.


Here is a comprehensive list of India’s most widely prescribed pharmaceutical businesses, along with descriptions of their products and services. We can notice that pharma companies across the country are offering PCD Franchise Business Opportunities and Third-Party Manufacturing Services. So, if you’re seeking a devoted pharma company that’s transparent about its business dealings and strict about its quality, pick one of them and reap the rewards.