Top Pharma PCD Companies in Ankleshwar

Top Pharma PCD Companies in Ankleshwar – Ankleshwar, a city in the state of Gujarat, is a dream city for thousands of investors for their successful business. When we talk about business, the pharmaceutical sector stands at the top. Being an Industrial Hub of Gujarat, the city has attracted numerous business aspirants to set up their business plans with pharmaceuticals. There are various investors who are willing to start their business in the city but fail to choose a trustworthy company. As their savior, we have brought a list of Top 7 Pharma PCD Companies in Ankleshwar that are absolutely true to their work.

It is assured by various successful business runners in Ankleshwar that starting a business in this city with the right support will come up with numerous benefits and satisfaction as well. Observing such a booming scope of the pharma industry in Ankleshwar, we can clearly depict that one can attain a bright future by investing in this sector. Thus, to help you choose a reliable business companion, we are here with Top Pharma PCD Companies in Ankleshwar which are mentioned right below.

Amzor HealthcareAmzor healthcare

To start with our list of Top 7 Pharma PCD Companies in Ankleshwar, we have the most prominent healthcare firm, Amzor Healthcare. Quality, Transparency, and Affordability are the three terms that precisely define Amzor Healthcare. The company is successfully managed by well-versatile teams that cover Sales & Marketing, Accounts & Finance, Production & Quality Control, Packing & Dispatch, etc., that efficiently do their respective chores. They have a skillful production team that adheres to customers’ satisfaction for a quality-assured product catalogue and quality particulars.

Reasons why Amzor Healthcare is considered on top:

  1. The company is ISO-Certified with GMP-WHO-certified production units.
  2. They conduct training sessions for all the medical representatives for a complete understanding of medications.
  3. The company has a highly qualified QC department that adheres to pharmacopeia norms.
  4. They utilize the best quality raw materials to produce the safest medicines.

Alpha Drugs

Alpha Drugs is a leading pharmaceutical company that is widely known for its rich quality pharma formulations. The company is managed by a dynamic team of Techno Commercial Professionals with Sound Financial Acumen. The production units of the company are completely furnished and are situated under environmental-friendly zones. The company has well-equipped laboratories for the following practices:

  1. Micro-Biological Testing
  2. Chemical Testing
  3. Physical and Metallurgical Testing
  4. Pharmacological Testing
  5. Effective Process Controls

Sanify HealthcareSanify Healthcare

Sanify Healthcare is a true venture for those business seekers who are constantly in the chase of high-profitable business opportunities. The company has a welcoming attitude for all the skilled and dedicated business executives with whom they can widely enhance their business all around the country. As working with Sanify Healthcare comes along with outstanding profits and benefits, it has become one of the Top Pharma PCD Companies in Ankleshwar.

Here are the splendid benefits of working with Sanify Healthcare:

  1. The company grants exclusive monopoly rights to its associates.
  2. They pack their products under non-toxic and safe packaging.
  3. They deliver the medicines at the exact expected time.
  4. The company offers free-of-cost promotional equipment to franchise holders.

Arlak BiotechArlak Biotech

Jumping at number four, we have a highly knowledge-driven pharmaceutical company, Arlak Biotech. The company is known for its flawless drug range and excellent brand identity in the market. Their premium quality product portfolio has helped them in leaving a benchmark in the market and expanding the brand awareness as well. The company is marketing more than 1000+ medicine brands for different medical requirements of people in the form of capsules, topical gels, tablets, injections, soft gel capsules, drops, and much more.

Medicine Range offered by Arlak Biotech:

  1. Anti-Bacterial/Anti Diarrheal
  2. Dental Care
  3. Gynaecology Range
  4. Antispasmodic
  5. Calcium Supplements
  6. Anti-Allergic/Anti Histamine
  7. Neurology
  8. Antacid
  9. ENT Range
  10. Cardiac Range
  11. Anti-Depressant
  12. Dietary Supplements

Abiba PharmaciaAbiba Pharmacia

With a robust market position in the market with a very short span, Abiba Pharmacia comes at number five in the list of Top 7 Pharma PCD Companies in Ankleshwar. The company holds an experience of more than 10 years of working as an excellent manufacturer and distributor of top-quality medications. They have dedicated themselves to adding extraordinary value through the formation of innovative medicines.

Following are some of the pharma medications delivered by Abiba Pharmacia:

  1. OFORC-OZ – Ofloxacin 200mg + Ornidazole 500mg Tablets
  2. RYDUCE-M – Levocitrizine 2.5mg + Montelukast Sodium 4 mg Syrup
  3. FLORDUCE – Tranexamic 500 mg + Mefenamic 250 mg Tablet
  4. KDILGO – Drotaverine 80 + Mefenamic 250 Tablets
  5. CEFTIONEL – Ceftiofur Sodium 1 gm
  6. ABIFLOW – Disodium Hydrogen Citrate Syrup

Servocare LifesciencesServocare Lifesciences

Servocare Lifesciences is one of the reliable names in the Indian Healthcare Market that has been giving outstanding performance along with its most effective medications. With a global presence, the company is knocking out all its arch-rivals in the healthcare sector by constantly innovating and developing a quality-oriented and result-driven pharma range. Due to their capability of delivering varied therapeutic segments in one go, they are considered one of the Top Pharma PCD Companies in Ankleshwar.

Pharma range produced by Servocare Lifesciences:

  1. Tablets
  2. Sachets
  3. Sustained Release Capsules
  4. Laxative Syrup
  5. Roll-Ons
  6. Ointment
  7. Dry Syrups
  8. Liquid Injections
  9. Edible Powders
  10. Suspensions Drops
  11. Expectorant Syrup
  12. Antiulcerant Suspensions

Medlock HealthcareMedlock Healthcare

If you are looking forward to connecting with a company that not only offers a qualitative pharma range but also has a wider market presence, then you would not regret checking out Medlock Healthcare. The company has earned huge trust from all its clients and customers all over the country. They have an expert team of pharma experts that work day and night to bring out the best quality products for patients.

Benefits of choosing Medlock Healthcare:

  1. WHO-GMP certified company.
  2. Free-of-cost promotional support.
  3. DCGI-approved product portfolio.
  4. Scheduled delivery of medicines.


Here we have come to an end of the list of Top Pharma PCD Companies in Ankleshwar. You may choose your preferred company discussed in the list and kick start your own business with pharmaceutical products. But, if you want to earn optimal benefits and want to link with a company that goes hand in hand with your business, then link with the Best Pharma PCD Company in Ankleshwar, Amzor Healthcare.