Top Pharma PCD Companies in Kanpur

Top Pharma PCD Companies in Kanpur – Kanpur, primarily known as Cawnpore, is one of the prominent cities in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. With an estimated population of more than 31 lakh people, Kanpur is known as the 12th most populous city and 11th most populous urban mass in India. The pharmaceutical growth of the city has been extraordinary among the big towns of Uttar Pradesh and thus, it has become one of the preferred locations for the pharma business. Thus, we can conclude that starting a pharma franchise business in Kanpur will definitely be a profitable business decision. If you have also made this healthy business decision, then we have amassed the Top 7 Pharma PCD Companies in Kanpur exclusively for you.

Starting a pharma business in Kanpur is profitable only if you have the healthy support of a reliable pharmaceutical company. Having a creditable firm going hand in hand with your business can definitely help you to touch heights in a very short span. Thus, if you are planning to create your path in the pharmaceutical sector but do not have any clear idea of whom to work together with, then you must definitely have a stare at the list of Top Pharma PCD Companies in Kanpur mentioned below.

The companies we have listed down hold a spectacular presence in the healthcare sector. They are “The Best” in terms of believability, liability, fairness, and impeccability. You can choose these companies with blind trust for your flourished pharma franchise business.

Amzor HealthcareAmzor healthcare

With 150+ Pharma Products, 1280 Associated Medical Stores, 112+ Distributors, and 502+ Footmarks in Districts, Amzor Healthcare is considered a pioneer in the list of Top Pharma PCD Companies in Kanpur. The company proudly declares that all its pharma products are manufactured under WHO-GMP certified manufacturing units, under the surveillance of a quality assurance team. They have become one of the leading names in the healthcare sector for offering the finest medical solutions to their customers. By combining rich expertise and intense medical knowledge, Amzor Healthcare has been continuously curing, preventing, treating, and improving various diseases.

The wide product range in which Amzor Healthcare deals:

  1. Analgesics / Antispasmodic / Anti Cold
  2. Antiseptic / Anti-Fungal Drug / Dermatology
  3. Anti-Histamine / Anti Allergic
  4. Expectorant / Antitussives (Cough Syp)
  5. Antacids / Anti Emetic / Anti-Ulcer
  6. Anti-Diarrheal / Laxative
  7. Anthelmintic Product
  8. Pediatric Products
  9. Antibiotic Range
  10. Anti-Anemia/Anabolic
  11. Nutritional & Food Supplements

Alpha Drugs

Alpha Drugs is a preeminent pharmaceutical company that is firmly engaged in manufacturing, trading, and supplying a wide variety of pharmaceutical products for various therapeutic segments. The company aims to deliver 100% quality assured pharma medications that effectively treat mild to severe health disorders. The pharma products formulated by Alpha Drugs undergo various quality checks including Dissolution, Tablet Firmness, Thickness, Dissolution, Content Uniformity, and Disintegration.

Brief Highlights of Alpha Drugs:

  1. Complete product ranges are tested to temperature, sensitivity to light, and other environmental parameters.
  2. Drugs and supplements are clinically tested under strict quality control measures.
  3. State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are situated under GMP units.
  4. Quality validations are done at different production stages as per pharmacopeia methods.

Medlock HealthcareMedlock Healthcare

With an unexpected reach and experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Medlock Healthcare has been considered in the list of Top 7 Pharma PCD Companies in Kanpur. The company holds all the certifications of ISO, WHO, and GMP authorities and has cutting-edge manufacturing plants. They are equipped with ultra-modern technology and a full-functioned drainage system. When it comes to logistics supply, Medlock Healthcare comes out the best to deliver the right products, at right time, and at the right location.

Have a look at the product portfolio offered by Medlock Healthcare:

  1. Anti-Malarial & Anti Infective Range
  2. Anti-Biotic Range
  3. Genito Urinary Range
  4. Analgesics and NSAIDs
  5. Central Nervous System
  6. Pediatric Range
  7. Multivitamins & Antioxidants
  8. Gynae Range
  9. Ortho Range
  10. Cardiac/Diabetic Range
  11. Ayurvedic/Herbal Products
  12. Anti Acid & Gastric Range
  13. Dental Range
  14. Derma Range
  15. Anti-Cough & Cold Range

Novolilly Pharmaceutical

Coming up next, we have a widely recognized pharmaceutical company, Novolilly Pharmaceutical. The company is backed by a highly specialized quality control team that is firmly committed to maintaining GMP standards for its complete product portfolio. They have earned the right amount of trust and esteem from all their clients, customers, and widely known doctors. With 200+ pharma products and 400+ satisfied customers, Novolilly Pharmaceutical becomes one of the most preferable choices for a number of business applicants.

Medicine forms produced by Novolilly Pharmaceutical:

  • Tablets
  • Soft Gel Capsules
  • Syrups
  • Ear/Eye Drops
  • Suspensions
  • Dry Syrups
  • Oil/Roll-On
  • Nasal Drops
  • Injections
  • Capsules
  • Gels/Creams
  • Protein Powder

Abiba PharmaciaAbiba Pharmacia

Moving forward with the list of Top Pharma PCD Companies in Kanpur, we have Abiba Pharmacia. Being a high client focus company, they believe in the fact that the growth of its clients is equal to their growth. Production Department, Administrative Department, Quality Testing Department, etc., come under the well-established infrastructure of the company that makes it a leading name in the healthcare sector.


Year of Establishment



10+ Years



Medicinal Segments



Servocare LifesciencesServocare Lifesciences

An ISO 9001:2015 certified pharma firm Servocare Lifesciences is India’s highly progressive health management company that is involved in research, manufacturing, and supplying an ample range of pharmaceutical formulations. The product portfolio delivered by the company covers innovative prescription products in multiple therapeutic segments. Along with a stronghold in the domestic market, Servocare Lifesciences is also spreading its ubiquity in the international markets of Afghanistan, CIS, Nigeria, the UK, Ghana, Liberia, and the Middle East.

Promotional Tools offered by Servocare Lifesciences to its associates:

  1. ASM Bags
  2. Order Books
  3. Reminder Cards
  4. Visual Aid
  5. Gift Articles
  6. MR Bags
  7. Doctor Pads
  8. Promotional Literature

Sanify HealthcareSanify Healthcare

Sanify Healthcare is the name that you can trust without any doubt. It is a true venture of people who want to build their flourishing careers and believe to cater health care. The company is continuously striving to improve the experience and commitment to its clients. Their colossal range of medicines makes them capable to provide maximum health benefits to their patients with minimum side effects. This is the reason why Sanify Healthcare is considered in the list of Top 7 Pharma Companies in Kanpur.

Here are the benefits of being a franchise partner of Sanify Healthcare:

  1. Best Marketing Assistance
  2. Appealing Incentives, Bonus, and Gifts
  3. Delivery within Stipulated Time
  4. Contamination-Free and Spoilage-Free Packaging
  5. Exclusive Monopoly Rights


So, this was the list of Top Pharma PCD Companies in Kanpur that has made it absolutely easy for you to choose a trustworthy pharma company for your own business. You can definitely not make the wrong choice in selecting a company with the help of this list. But, if you want to ensure huge growth in your business and want to earn amazing profits, then work together with the Best Pharma PCD Company in India, Amzor Healthcare.