Pharmaceutical Sector is growing at a high pace and there is a continuous rise in the number of companies selling medicines and drugs. According to the reports, pharma companies are following various models to sell their products in the market that includes PCD Pharma Franchise, Generic, ethical pharma medicines. Sometimes people get confused in these three terms but we at Amzor Healthcare will clear you the exact difference between all three by providing you the precise and right information. As the pharma sector is growing immensely you as a pharma professional, franchiser, young aspirant or entrepreneur can expect good returns if you invest in the business and move forward systematically.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PCD, GENERIC, AND ETHICAL PHARMA SECTORS? To clear your confusion we at Amzor Healthcare have listed the three popular business streams differences; PCD, ethical pharma, and generic medicines. If you want to know more continue reading and you will for sure get the required information concisely and precisely.


PCD Pharma Franchise business is the most popular business strategy followed by pharmaceutical companies by providing the monopoly right of doing business to another person under particular terms and conditions. It is a sector that offers the rights of marketing distribution to a novice company or an experienced business. You can avail of the listed benefits by being a PCD Pharma Franchiser.

  • There is a low-risk factor in the PCD Pharma Franchise business.
  • You can avail huge profits within less time.
  • Low investment capital.
  • Low administrative expenditures.
  • Unique Monopoly rights.
  • Free promotional and marketing tools.

In this model, an entrepreneur buys franchise rights of the company to promote and sell products. Most of it is done by the physician, doctors, and pharmacist. The distribution channel is managed by the stockiest and retail channel and it all depends upon the efficiency of the distribution channel in terms of return on investment and profitability factor.


In this model, Pharma companies directly sell medicines and rugs to retailers via different distribution channels. Also, the sales representatives facilitate the process. The advantage of being in a generic sector is that cost of generic medicines is lower than the branded medicines. This is an economically effective and efficient business. In generic medicines, these products are different in terms of packaging and labeling than branded medicines, and in India, there is a huge generic medicine. Many companies from abroad are also selling generic drugs because Indian is more into purchasing generic medicines from India.


In this sector, medicine marketing is done by the network of medical representatives. Basically, the representative promotes the products and convince retailers, physicians, and other medical professionals to buy the products. The medical representatives are also known as the brand ambassadors. Thus, they required to have excellent communication skills and convincing power. The ethical Pharma sector is one of the oldest business models. No unethical practices are allowed or encouraged in the pharma sector.


We hope that you have known the difference between exactly these three business models i.e PCD Pharma Franchise, Generic Medicines, and Ethical Business in the pharma sector. It all depends upon your investment cost and location to choose the model for your business. Thus, according to your proficiency and preference choose the right business you want to be in. We at Amzor Healthcare is leading manufacturers and marketers of Pharma Products who hold rich expertise as PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India. If you are looking for entering in Pharmaceutical industry get in contact with us. We will make you sure the best products and services offering from our end.  You can avail of the listed benefits by associating with Amzor Healthcare, India.

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