Why Coronavirus is dangerous in India?

The outbreak of Coronavirus has affected India in many ways. This virus has killed more than 10,000 people and infected nearly 250,000 in at least 159 countries. India is the second-largest country which has more than 1.37 billion population. It is difficult to control the spread of Covid-19 among 28 states and 9 union territories. The common symptoms of coronavirus are fever, cough, and shortness of breath as per the World Health Organization. This pandemic has taken many lives and this would go on if it won’t stop on time.

India’s risks of catching the virus are disproportionately high because of its huge population density, creaky healthcare facilities, and large domestic movement. The government should think in this direction and provide sufficient testing kits and add isolation and hospital beds.

Factors Which Requires Major Attention During this Crucial Time

Many factors require major concern and attention towards them to fight against the Covid-19. The scenario is getting worst because there has not any specific treatment and medication to cure this pandemic virus.

Shortage of Covid-19 Testing Facility

Why Coronavirus is dangerous in India?

India has the lowest testing rates in the world because the country has limited testing places. The country is giving preference to those patients who come in contact with an infected person or who have traveled from high-risk countries or healthcare workers who are dealing with infected patients. The big holes in the Indian testing system are lacking the nation to fight against this virus.

Inadequate Medical Care Facilities

There are not enough healthcare facilities in India to overcome this worst scenario. Though there are many leading hospitals and medical institutes, they are failed to serve the 1.37 population. The cases for infected patients are increasing day by day. The country has set very narrow inclusion criteria for undergoing testing. It is important to suspect all the infected patients and stop them to come in contact with others.

Nobody is Taking the Social Distancing Seriously

Why Coronavirus is dangerous in India?

It is important to maintain social distancing from the community people but the ground reality explains a different scenario. The people of the country are not taking it seriously, even after so many guidelines and warnings they are still roaming outside the homes. It is high time to make them understand that this is a very critical situation for the nation. To break the chain of Coronavirus, we have to stay at home and take as many precautions we can take from our end to save lives.

India should learn from Italy, the U.S and Other Countries

Italy and the U.S have the best healthcare amenities in the world but still, they fail to fight against the Coronavirus. Take the threat seriously, wash your hands, maintain social distancing, stay at home and save the lives of thousands of people.

Why Coronavirus is dangerous in India?

This virus is not curable, one cannot do anything if a person once gets infected. It is time to be a responsible human and citizen to save the nation from this epidemic.

Shortage of Hygiene products

Why Coronavirus is dangerous in India?
The Coronavirus crash has stock out the market of hand sanitizers and faces masks. The demand for hygiene products is increasing day by day. The growth has risen up to 400 percent. The manufactures are stocking the products to meet the needs of the customers. Hand sanitizers removes the dirt and kills microorganisms  from the hands.